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Q.  When was Lanco Incorporated and What is Lanco’s Area of Operations and Strategies?
Ans. LANCO Infratech Limited was originally incorporated on March 26, 1993 as "Lanco Constructions Limited" in Andhra Pradesh. Subsequently its name was changed to Lanco Infratech Limited on November 24, 2000.

LANCO Infratech Limited through itself and its subsidiaries is in the domains of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Power, Solar, Natural Resources and Infrastructure over the last two-and-a-half decades. Its continuous focus on innovation and expansion together with its commitment to quality and excellence has contributed significantly to the progress that the company has made over a short span of time. The 25-year-old LANCO group is, today, uniquely poised to attain leadership position in its areas of operation.

For details you can refer to About Us Section on the Web-Site of the Company.

Q. Where can I find about the Lanco’s Management, its detailed History etc.?
Ans. The details of the Lanco's Management is provided under section About-us, on the web-site of the Company. Herein you can find the details of persons responsible for the management of Lanco Group together with their profiles. The detailed history of the Company is also available here.

Q. When was LANCO’S initial Public Offering?
Ans. Lanco made Initial Public Offering of its Equity Shares in 2006 and its shares got listed on National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited on 27th November, 2006.

Investor Services

Q. Where can I access the Financials results of Lanco?
Ans. The Results of Lanco Infratech Limited can be accessed at Investors>Financial section on the web-site of the Company. Subsequently the results can also be accessed on the web-sites on National Stock Exchange of India Limited ( and Bombay Stock Exchange( The quarterly and annual results are frequently updated to the respective stock Exchanges.


Q. In which Stock Exchanges are Lanco’s share listed? What is its Code? What is the ISIN No. of Lanco’s Share?
Ans.  The Lanco’s shares are listed on National Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. The respective codes are as follows:-

S. No.




National Stock Exchange of India Limited

NSE symbol: LITL


Bombay Stock Exchange

Scrip Name: LITL
Scrip Code:532778

The DEMAT ISIN of the Lanco’s Shares for NSDL/CDSL is INE785C01048

Q. How can I access information about the Lanco's Share?
Ans. Lanco Shares are traded at National Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange, thus, its current trading price is readily available on these web-sites. A fifteen minute delayed Stock price is available at Lanco's Stock Charts page where historical prices and graphs are also available.

Q. How can I obtain Annual Report of the Company?
Ans. The Annual report of the Company is available on the web-site of the Company and is in downloadable form. Subsequently, the Annual Report can also be received through E-mail. However, for obtaining an original printed copy of the Annual Report, a written signed request must be sent either to Registrar or Company Secretary of the Company.

Q. How can I get my address changed in the records of Company?
Ans. If you are holding shares in DEMAT form, then the change in address, must be intimated by you, to your depository participant. However, if you are holding the share in physical form, then the same must be intimated to the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent ("RTA") of the Company or to the Company Secretary of the Company. The request for change in address must be signed by the shareholder of the Company and shall be submitted along with sufficient documentary proof, quoting the Folio No. of the Shareholder.

Q. What if I have lost my Share Certificates, can you re-issue the same?
Ans. Yes, but for that the loss of Share Certificates must be immediately intimated to the Company, quoting your Folio No. and the details of Share Certificates, if available. The Company will immediately mark a caution on your Folio to prevent any further transfer of shares covered by the Lost Share Certificates.

Simultaneously, you will have to lodge a complaint with the police regarding loss of share certificates. On receipt of you request, Share Transfer Agent will send you procedure to be complied with for obtaining duplicate share certificates.

Q. I have not received my Share Certificates since the day Share has been allotted to me?
Ans. The Equity Shares whose owners are not traceable or which have not been claimed by any Shareholder, has, as per directive of SEBI, been transferred to a separate DEMAT account. If some Shareholder feels, that he has not got his shares can contact either the Company or RTA of the Company.

Q. Is there any presentation made on Lanco for Investors Information?
Ans. A detailed presentation for Investors is available on Investors section on the Web-site of the Company. The Presentation comprehensively covers the mission, vision, business details, policies, management details, and other relevant information for the Investors as well as prospective investors.

Q. Who can I contact for answers to general questions on Lanco

For Investors matter:-
Head-Investor Relations
Ph No. 0124-4741000

For Compliance matters and for matters related to Shares/dividend:-

A Veerendra Kumar
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Ph: +91 124 4741000
E-mail ID :

Registrar and Share Transfer Agents:-

M/s. Aarthi Consultants Private Limited
Regd. Office: 1-2-285, Domalguda
Hyderabad – 500 029,
Andhra Pradesh, India
Ph: +91 40 27638111, 27634445
Fax: +91 40 27632184


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