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Hydro Construction and EPC
With more than two decades of varied and rich experience in the Construction and EPC business, Lanco is presently a market leader in the sector. Including power and other infrastructure sectors, the company's current Construction and EPC business is worth Rs. 254,250 million. With a special focus on hydro power, Lanco plans to drive this business domain beyond Indian boundaries to become a global player in the near future.

South Asia's huge untapped hydro potential is projected at 50,000 megawatt (MW) with the capacity to create approximately Rs. 30,00,000 million worth of EPC business. This sector is likely to see a large influx of investment in the coming decade.

The Lanco Hydro Construction and EPC division, already a part of the Indian growth story, plans to take advantage of this great opportunity in the South Asian hydro power development market. Also on the anvil is the expansion of the division's portfolio in other parts of the globe.

The foundations of the Lanco Hydro Construction and EPC division are built on adoption of state-of-the-art engineering practices and construction techniques and equipment, and management practices that maximise value to clients.

The division provides construction solutions for all components of hydro projects such as dams/barrages, power intakes, desilting chambers, underground tunnels/channels, shafts, underground caverns, switchyards, etc.

Powered by a workforce of 1,000 experts, the division provides complete in-house EPC solutions for medium and large hydro projects for civil, hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical works, based on its expertise in the following:
  • Engineering: Lanco's strong engineering expertise, especially in fields such as engineering geology, hydrology, rock mechanics , design of hydraulic structures and detailed engineering for civil, hydro-mechanical, electro-mechanical and transmission components, is honed over years of experience. A dedicated in-house team specially focuses on facilitation of design innovation and cost optimisation.
  • Procurement: The division relies on a dedicated team of expert procurement professionals in the hydro domain, supported by SAP (business management software), to create a business edge over competition.
  • Construction: Lanco's large pool of construction experts, with core project execution and management skills, can be ramped up immediately to suit the requirements of every size of project. The teams are supported by a fleet of the latest construction equipment and machinery such as drill jumbos, robo-arm shotcrete machines, tower cranes, batching plants, excavators, loaders, etc.
The current Hydro Construction and EPC order book is worth Rs. 28,000 million. Over the years, Lanco has successfully executed the following major hydro works:
  • Diversion structures comprising concrete gravity dams ranging in height from 26 metres (m) to 58 m
  • Barrage concreting works involving 2,00,000 cum concreting
  • Tunnelling works of varying lengths and diameter ranging from 2.2 m to 10 m finished diameter in difficult Himalayan geological conditions
  • Shafts of varying diameters ranging from 2.5 m to 16 m and height varying from 65 m to 88 m
  • Caverns for power houses, transformer halls, desilting chambers, etc., of sizes ranging from 14.5 m x 49 m x 35.5 m to 18.5 m x 142.7 m x 52 m
  • Underground chambers of sizes ranging from 140 m x 11.8 m x 7.5 m to 120 m x 6 m x 8.5 m
In addition the division has:
  • Pioneered the application of pile wall for slope protection implemented in Teesta VI (500 MW) projects
  • Successfully handled the stage-wise river diversion of 83 m for the construction of the barrage

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