CSR Programme
CSR Programme - Drinking Water

To reduce water borne diseases and their adverse impact, the LANCO Foundation has established drinking water plants in the neighbourhood communities to provide safe drinking water free of cost. The centralised 1000 litre per hour (LPH) water purifying plants, use Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology and UV filtration to filter raw water, which is disbursed at the water plant in cans of 12 and 20 liters capacity. We are currently operating 33 plants covering over 60,000 population in 8 states.

Feasibility and impact of the village location is scientifically studied and subsequently the water plant is erected with the consent of the stakeholders from community. The community is encouraged to gradually handle the day-to-day operations and maintenance to inculcate ownership. Water standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards and the World Health Organisation have been taken into consideration to ensure that safe drinking water is provided to the communities.



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